Best laptop for Architecture Students

Best laptop for architecture students
Written by Mubashar Ali

The technology has covered almost every industry. Nothing can be done perfectly, without the use of technology in this era.

The construction industry has also been impacted by this technological evolution. A decade ago, the old manual drafting procedure has been replaced with automation. Architectures of Today, spend most of their time on the systems to make their design the best piece out there.

To get the best output of your effort, for sure you need the best support system. That’s why we have compiled the list of Best Laptop for Architecture Students. Every laptop is not just suitable for the architectures, they must fulfill some of the requirements.

This article is focused on the Architecture students, as they usually have very little knowledge about their professional requirements. And most of the students end up purchasing the laptop that is contrary to their requirements.

And even that’s not their own fault, salesperson portrays the wrong image just because of his own less knowledge. You should not make this mistake, Do your own due diligence before making the final decision.

Here we have compiled the list of the best laptop for architecture. So that you can avoid the overwhelming process of choosing the right fit form a lot of options. The comprehensive reviews of each Laptop will help you to make an informed decision.

Along with these best recommendation, at the bottom of the article, you will have the Buying guide that you should read to know about the factors that are essential to consider before making the purchase.

So before Further Ado, let’s have a look at each laptop more closely.

Top 8 Laptop for Architecture Students – Comparison chart

LaptopProcessorRamHard DrivePrice
Dell XPS 15Core i9-9980 HK 32GB2TB Check Price
Surface Book 2Intel i7-8650U 16GB1TB SSD Check Price
Acer Aspire E15Core i5-8250U 8GB256GB SSD Check Price
ThinkPad W541Core i7-4710MQ 16GB500GB Check Price
Predator Helios 300Core i7-8750H 16GB256GB Check Price
Acer Aspire V15Core i7-6700 HQ8GB 1TB Check Price
Asus Rog Strix Core i7-6700HQ 16GB256 GB Check Price
MSI P65 Core i7-8750H32GB256GB Check Price

Best Laptop for Architecture Students – Reviews


Dell XPS 15

Dell XPS 15 is one the modern version of the Dell XPS series. The reason to mention it in our recommended list is obvious, it fulfills all of the requirements of the architectures. The capability to handle every sort of architect work makes it the best fit for you.

The design and the display are the reasons, for which most of the users are praising it over the internet. It has the 15.6 Inch Display screen to provide a better view of the screen. This is the standard screen size that the architecture wants. That’s is also the reason that is attracting many architecture students.

The design is purely well planned. Even after all of the stuff, they have maintained the Weight of the Dell XPS 15. You can hardly find such a lightweight laptop with all of the following specifications.

When it comes to performance, it really works well. The hardware that has been incorporated in this Laptop is pretty cool than many others. The main reason for its tremendous performance is the latest processor (6 -Core 8th Generation Core i7).

Along with this processor, it has 32GB of supportive Ram and the larger Storage space to offer you for a better experience. The installed Ram and storage are enough for the Architecture students, you will not need to upgrade the system during the whole course of college. No matter, how larger the size becomes of your file, it can handle all of that easily.

You are going to have the 1050GTX or TI counterpart Graphics card. Well, the graphics card are not suitable for professionals. Although, for the intermediate and the entry-level Students that’s not the bad option. The installed card can deal with all of your academic requirements very well.

Dell XPS 15 is the Go product, but the price is a little bit higher than other laptops. But the price can be justified when we compare the price with the advantages that you are going to get after having this laptop. It is recommended for the design, display, Hardware, and for the better battery life.
  • Light Weight
  • Standard Screen Size
  • 4k Display Model
  • Advanced Level Hardware
  • Pricey


Microsoft Surface Book 2

Who doesn’t know about the Microsoft, they have built their name over the long period. People love to enjoy their innovative products. Microsoft Surface Book 2, is the great addition into Microsoft Surface family.

Microsoft Surface book 2 is almost similar to the previous version, with the major change in the interactive screen size. The screen size has been extended to the 15 Inches, which makes it fairly the good option to go with. This laptop offers the resolution of 3260 x 2160, which help you draft the designs more accurately and precisely.

This laptop is a powerhouse in itself. Intel i7 Processor has been installed within the laptop with the supportive Ram of 16 GB.  This Ram has enough power to deal with all of your student life tasks. To keep your work save for the longer time, they have provided you storage of 1TB SSD. That much storage space eliminates the use of an external storage device. Nvidia Graphics chip has been used to give you the best visuals on the screens.

Long story short, it can deal with almost every architectural modeling applications.

Interestingly, you will have 4 different modes of working. Now you can put your thoughts in the real image more conveniently. The screen can be detached to make it the Tablet. No matter at what position you sitting to do the work. It provides you the complete freedom to work in your full convenience.

The powerful and the advanced hardware of the surface book 2, makes it the best pick for the architecture students. It can run almost all of the architectural modeling applications. What else do you need being the Architecture student?  That laptop is highly recommended for those who want a higher level of portability and the convenience in your work if you are willing to pay for getting all of the advantages.

  • Standard display screen
  • 4 modes of use
  • Lightweight
  • The longer battery life of 17 hours
  • USB-C port to change screen
  • Display color could be improved


Acer Aspire E15-576G – Budget Choice

If you are one of those students who are on the tight budget but still wants to have the best laptop for your Architectural projects. Then here’s the deal for you.

Acer Aspire E15-576G proved itself the best companion for the architecture student life. You will be able to deal with almost every architecture project of your college. Well after landing on the job you may have to change the laptop because it can handle only the simple modeling applications.

For the entry-level students and the architect, that would be the best choice.

It comes with the Quad-core Intel Core i5-8250U processor of the 8th generation, whose clock speed goes up to 3.4 GHz. The processor is fairly better enough to get the job done easily. The processor is backed up by the 8 GB ram that is acceptable for the student life projects.

MX150 Graphics card can be found in Acer Aspire E15-576G, which has the ability to fulfill all of your academic requirements.

You may on the visits and have to use the laptop for your academic assignment, that’s where the battery life matters. It has the battery life of around 11 hours, which is enough to keep the laptop live during your visits.

The affordability is the most important factor that makes its place in our recommended list.

For the tight budget students, that the best option to go with. If you are still looking for the laptop that can be with you even in your professional life, then don’t worry. Still, it’s the Go product. The reason is that you can upgrade the installed hardware of this laptop for the more complex use in the future.

If you are willing to buy the premium laptop only at once, do have the look at other laptops in our list.

  • Affordable
  • 11-hour battery life
  • Upgradeable
  • Entry level Hardware to fulfill your academic requirements
  • Can’t be used efficiently for professional and complex modeling


Lenovo ThinkPad W541

Lenovo has really put the great effort into making its place in the industry. With their innovative and the best performing laptops, they have made their name. That’s why we have researched and analyzed the Lenovo laptops and end up at ThinkPad W541.

From the Lenovo ThinkPad Family, ThinkPad W541 has been scored well for being the best assistance of the Architecture students.  The performance level, Graphics card, and the design are pretty cool. Along with these specs, it also gives you the benefit of using the higher end laptop features at a relatively lower price.

Intel Core i7-4710MQ quad-core processor makes it the speedy one with the clock speed of around 3.5 GHz. The Ram is of 8 GB while the storage drive is of 500 GB.

The storage is enough for the students, but if you feel that you are a more practicing student, then you can have the external storage device. For the Ram, you can upgrade the system up to 16 GB of Ram.

For the greater visuals and for the better rendering outputs, ThinkPad W541 has been powered by NVIDIA Quadro K110M 2 GB GFFR5 Graphics card. Graphics card has the ability to help you make the draft of various models. You will have greater visual assistance to improve productivity.

The design is not too much attractive to most of the students. But for the students, the price of the laptop and the output of their effort should be the top priority. And for sure, ThinkPad W541 has scored well in both of the considerations.

For the average use, that’s the better option to go with. This laptop is reasonably priced according to the features integrated within the system. For most of the time user need to use a pen or to draw on the screen, but it does not support the touch screen. That’s the only drawback with this laptop. Otherwise, it is fully powered machine with higher performance. Even they offer 3 Years of warranty.

  • Reasonably priced
  • Reliability and durability
  • Works well with architecture applications
  • 4K screen
  • High Powered Machine
  • No Touch Screen


Acer Predator Helios 300

More specifically, this laptop is used to be discussed a lot in the gaming community. If you are the gaming geek, you probably know most of the thongs about this laptop.

But why we have added it in our list?

Usually, the gamers, architectures and the designers have the same Laptop requirements. They want the laptop with the best graphics card, with the advanced hardware, and with the better display screen size & resolution.

That’s the laptop that has everything to offer.

If you want to get the laptop for the long run, then this would be the best fit for you. Mostly the professionals use this laptop because of its premium quality graphics card. The graphics card will never disappoint you, it has the ability to deal with any sort of the architectural modeling software.

No matter, at what sort of the project you are working, Acer predator will take care of everything.  Along with the great graphics card, it has the 16 GB of Ram and the SSD hard drive of 256 GB. The Storage seems to be lesser than other laptops. Nothing to worry about, you can extend it up to 1TB.

The design is pretty cool. The display screen size is 15.6” full HD and the resolution is 1920 x 1080. You can imagine the quality of the screen. With such a size and the resolution, you can make the more enhanced drafts for your projects.

Although, the battery is not too good. But obviously, It could not be the deal-breaker.

That’s the bestselling product of the Acer. Every feature seems fantastic other than battery life. The portability is also an issue to some extent due to it’s a little bit heavier weight. But for the money you are going to invest in it, would be the best investment for you. You will rarely find out other same featured laptop with this price.

  • GTX 1060 Graphics Card
  • Equipped with the best components
  • Coolest look
  • Will be the long run investment
  • Battery life is short relatively


Acer Aspire V15 Nitro Black Station

Acer Aspire V15 Nitro Black station is another laptop that you should consider while choosing the best architectural laptop for your studies.

This 15.6 Inches FULL HD laptop with the resolution of 1920 x 10820 is the perfect fit for you. You are going to have better viewing angles and the screen output of your renderings. Along with these screen features, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960M has been installed within the system. This graphics card makes the laptop capable of dealing with every sort of architecture application.

To support this basic feature, laptop hardware is also designed accordingly. Intel Core i7-6700 HQ processor and the 8 GB of Ram has the ability to run the applications smoothly, with causing any trouble for you.

The storage space is of 1TB, to ensure that you are having all of your design and models saved for the future use. There will be no need to connect External Storage devices.

You can even involve in your work without worrying about the battery. It is not going to bother you before 13.5 Hours which is way better than many laptops.

Overall this laptop worth buying. You will have the smoothly running applications with great visual graphics, and most importantly, you can easily store your data for a longer time due to higher storage space. The longer battery life will keep your laptop alive for a longer time.
  • Great Visuals
  • Support all applications effectively
  • Higher storage space
  • Touchpad is not suitable
  • Backlighting is dim


Asus Rog Strix Hero Edition

The laptops very the lesser price tag compromise on the quality and the hardware, But that’s not the case with the Asus ROG Strix hero Edition.

Asus ROG proved itself another best choice for those who are on the budget. If you can buy the laptop with the premium features with the lower price tag, Then why not to avail the opportunity.

Asus ROG proved itself to be the best for architectural students. Basically, the laptop is designed for the gaming community. But you can also get the most out of this machine during your college days.

The performance of the laptop makes it suitable for architectural renderings and modeling. You rendering process will be supported by the Intel Core i7 processor with the clock speed of around 2.2GHz.

To run almost every kind of the architectural application, 16 GB of Ram has been installed within this laptop. Even after rendering your designs, there will be no need to have an external storage device. It has the storage space of 256 GB, which is fairly enough for the students.

To make you more productive they have introduced the Retina display screen along with the touch bar option. Aside from these features, the screen size and the resolutions are too much friendly. You will be loving to work on such a screen.

The color accuracy of the screen makes your model more attractive and admirable.

Overall, the product has the ability to be recommended as the best laptop for architecture students.  There is only 2 problem with that, the poor viewing angle and the battery life.  But still in terms of the performance is would be the best choice. The battery life is not too good. But not the worst one either.

  • Affordable
  • Above average performance
  • Touch bar to improve productivity
  • Standard screen size and resolution
  • Viewing angles are not too much friendly



There is a major difference between the performances of the desktops and the laptops. The desktops tend to have a better performance than the laptop at a reasonable price. But obviously, the architectural students will be required to visit the places and the portability asked them to have the laptop.

But don’t worry, MSI P65 has the capacity to offer you the desktop performance along with the portability. This laptop is the powerhouse in itself. Even the pro loves this laptop for the capacity of running the powerful applications, that most of the laptops can deal with.

Along with the performance, the developer has also been focused on the graphics of the laptop. MSI P65 is considered as one of those laptops that have the most powerful GPU. The GTX 1070 has been used for a great visual experience.

The hardware of MSI P65 is also credible. You can’t doubt the speed and reliability of the laptop. It has the Ram of 32 GB which will always assist you during your work. Even while doing the multitasking, the performance does not go down.

The display is purely managed according to the needs of the Architectures. Although, the colors could be a little bit brighter. But overall, the display screen size, resolutions, color, and graphics are pretty cool.

Even with these specs, they managed to make it the lightweight laptop with a weight of 4.1 lbs. The battery life is of 6 hours, which is a relatively average one.

The laptop is the Go product, the only downside is the price. The price tag of this laptop is higher but it’s not overpriced. If you have enough cash and wants to enjoy the premium quality laptop. Then you can’t afford to miss this system.

Otherwise, you can also check out other previously reviewed Budget choices from our recommended list.

  • Higher end performance
  • Powerfull Graphics card
  • Premium Display
  • Pricey


Best Laptop for Architecture Students – Buying Guide

Having the laptop for your projects is crucial, But the process of choosing the best one is not easy at all. You have to go through a lot of the options to make the final decision.

Even after reading our reviewed best laptops, you may have no clear idea that which is the right fit for you.

Due to this lesser knowledge, people end up purchasing the worst laptop. TO save you from every loss, we have compiled the list of best laptops and now we are going to share with you the points that you should consider before the final decision So that you can avoid any loss.

Here’s the list of the factors that you should look at for doing your due diligence in the better way.


GPU is the graphics processing unit. This unit is responsible to show you’re the images and another sort of stuff on the screen. The better it will be, the better the rendering output you will have. It allows you to do the work in more detail for your projects.

For specifically students, 1050 GTX and 960 MX or above then that would be the best fit for the student. These can deal with every kind of project.


The central processing is another important point to look at. The processing speed of your laptop is essential to avoid any disturbance during your work. Quad-Core Processors are best for the rendering. The processor with the clock speed from 2.2 to 3.0 GHz + would be the most suitable.


The screen size and the resolution matter too. The screen with the better color combinations and the resolution makes you more productive, you can work in more detail for your project.

The screen size from 15 to 17” inch is the most suitable for the architecture students.


The portability of the laptop is an essential element for the students. The professionals can work on the desktop, but the students can’t afford to rely on the desktop. They have to carry the equipment with them for the learning purpose.

During your college days, you have to visit different places, and the laptop will be the better companion for that purpose. That’ why you should avoid purchasing the bulky and heavier laptops.


After making too many projects you will never want to lose all of them. That’s where the storage becomes crucial. You have to save all of your college work, who knows when you will be in need of a previously rendered model.

For sure, 256 GB of the hard drive is enough for the whole course of college life. Try to have the systems, whose components can be upgraded. Because after getting into the profession. You will need the higher space, normally from 512 Gb to 1TB.

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