Best Laptop For Lawyers

Best Laptop for Lawyers
Written by Mubashar Ali

Are you looking for the Best laptop for the lawyers?

Congratulations! You have been landed on the right webpage. Now, there is no more need to be confused due to the ample number of options.

Being the Lawyer or the law student, you must have the most suitable laptop along with you to save all of your records and documentation.

Although, most of the lawyers make the mistake to purchase an average laptop for their profession, thinking that they just need to have MS word running and some other simple applications. But in reality, there is a lot of other things that should be considered during the purchasing process.

The laptop for the lawyers should not be the workstation, but must not be the worst one either. Laptops are ranging from cheaper to the expensive one.  The best deal is to have the most reliable, well performed and the premium quality laptop.

Here we have already done the extensive research for you so that you can end up purchasing the right fit for your profession or studies. The honestly crafted reviews of each best laptop will help you to make the informed decision.

Grab the most suitable one after reading all of the comprehensive reviews of each laptop, to make the best out of your investment.

Top laptops for lawyers Comparison Chart

LaptopProcessorRamHard DrivePrice
ThinkPad T430Core I5 3320M 4GB512GB Check Price
Pavilion X360Core i5-8265U8GB128GB Check Price
Dell 5000Core i5-8250U8GB 1TB Check Price
Asus N580VDCore i7- 7700HQ16GB 512GB Check Price
Asus ZenBookCore i9-8950HK 16GB 512GB Check Price
Dell flagshipAMD Ryzen 7-2700U 8GB512GB Check Price
Legion Y530-15core i7-8750H16GB 1TB Check Price
Surface GoPentium Gold 4415Y 8 GB128GB Check Price

Best laptops for lawyer students

The recommended laptops are of a wide range. No matter, you are on the tight budget or are willing to invest the more cash on the premium laptops. We have covered every range of prospect. We have ensured before publishing this post that you are going to have the best options.

Lenovo ThinkPad T430

Lenovo is the name that everyone knows about. They have made their place in the market by providing the best quality and well-performed laptops in the market. They have almost covered every sort of customer.

Even they have a very interesting laptop for lawyers too. Lenovo ThinkPad T430 would be the right partner for the lawyers. It has all the features that you may be looking for. When it comes to the performance, it has the unmatchable performance relative to other laptops under the same category.

The performance will never go down, you can perform the many tasks at the run time.

The display screen size is of 14” inches that are not way bigger and not even the smaller one. The display screen will render the objects on the screen with the best resolution of 1366 x 768. You will have a better quality screen with the right combination and accuracy of colors.

You may be involved in making documentation and the reports all day, with the ThinkPad T430 you will have the most user-friendly keyboard. You will enjoy writing with more accuracy and precision all day.

The compact touchpad is also responsive, fast and reliable. I must say it has the easy to use the touchpad with better functionality.

The battery life of the laptop is long-lasting, with the battery life of 13 hours it has a lot to offer. You will not be involved in charging the laptop all day. Battery life enhances the feature of the portability. You can take it along for the court without any trouble.

All the other required feature including webcam, ports, connectivity, and advanced audio technology are also incorporated within the system.

There is no valid reason to ignore this laptop, except for the design. Although, when we compare it as a whole with other laptops, T430 scores really well. It is recommended due to its durability, portability, processing power, and multitasking power and for the user-friendly responsive keyboard and the touchpad. Even the hard drive of 512 GB SSD and the Ram of 4 GB is more than enough for the lawyers.

  • Higher performing power
  • Battery life up to 13 hours
  • Advanced audio technology
  • User-friendly keyboard and the touchpad
  • Made in the USA
  • Design is not too much attracted to most of the users.


HP Pavilion X360 Convertible Laptop

HP Pavilion X360 is the best option but not for all. For the entry-level to an intermediate lawyer and for the students, that might not be the best fit unless you want to pay for the premium laptops.

For the pros and for those lawyers who have achieved the real status in their community, HP pavilion X360 is the go product.

It has a lot to offer you. You will be amazed by the quality and the performance of the laptop. The laptop is relatively expensive but the features can justify the price.

The processor that has been installed in this machine is of 8th generation Intel Core i3, now you can imagine the speed and the performance of the system. It can be with you for a longer time without causing any trouble.  The processor is supported by the 500 SDRAM DDR4 and the storage space for your documents and reports are of 1TB. What else do you need?

The screen size is of 15.6 inches with the resolution of the 1600 x 900 pixels to provide you the best user experience. The color combination and the accuracy is way better than many other machines available in the market at the same price.

No matter what sort of the application, you want to run on this laptop, it can deal with all of them very efficiently. Windows 10 has been used as the OS for better compatibility.

The only downside is the average battery life of 6 hours that could be better for making it the handy device.

This laptop is the most compatible for most of the lawyers. If you want to have a higher ticket laptop for your profession, then there would be a not better option other than this laptop. The only drawback is the battery life. But when it comes to other features, this laptop is almost unbeatable.
  • Display screen with the best quality and resolution
  • Higher-end processor
  • WLED Backlight
  • Hardware with the higher-end specs.
  • Average battery life


Dell 5000 Series i5547-3750sLV Laptop

Dell 5000 Series is the best laptop for almost every sort of the profession at the intermediate and entry-level. But when we analyze it for the Lawyers, it scores really well.

You will find everything under the roof of this laptop, that you will be required during your whole profession. Let’s have a closer look at how it is the best suitable laptop for the lawyers.

The processing power has enough credibility and the power to run the system at the required speed and to run every sort of the application that you may require in the profession. Inter-core i5 Processor has been installed on the laptop that is well renowned for its better performance. The Ram of 8 GB and the hard disk with the storage space of 256 GB makes it the more appealing for the lawyers.

You will have enough space to store all of your documentation, reports and the evidence for the longer time.

The advanced Audio system tends to provide you the better sound quality like other recommended laptops do. Along with these best quality audio, you will have the best quality keyboard and the touchpad. You can feel the smoothness of the typing while using this laptop and the responsiveness of the touchpad is quite good too.

The display screen size is of 16.5 inches with the resolution of the 1366 x 768. More interestingly, the display screen comes with the ability to touch.

The battery life not too much user-friendly, that is up to 6 hours. You can’t take it along with you for a longer time period.

You can’t afford to miss this laptop that is available at such a competitive price. They are not charging any extra bucks for nothing, but the price is completely according to the features that they are providing to you. It is recommended for all of the availability of the great feature.
  • The storage is enough for the lawyers
  • Standard display screen size
  • High performing laptop
  • Has all the best connectivity features
  • Competitive price
  • The battery can last up to 6 hours


Asus N580VD – DB74T VivoBook Pro

If you are the lawyer who used to be on the visits all day, then Asus N580VD – DB74T VivoBook pro is the best fit for you. The design and the display of this laptop are up to the mark. The well-planned design makes it easy for the lawyer to take it with them.

Even after the great performing capabilities and best hardware, they managed to make it the lightweight laptop that is around 5.1 pounds.

The convenience and reliability are the other most important factors that make its place in our recommended list. The keyboard has been designed to make it easy for the user for drafting their documents easily.  The backlit is available with the laptop, to avoid any trouble when you are supposed to use this laptop in the dark night.

The display screen size is of 15.6 Inches, that is the recommended and the standard one. Aside from these features, the connectivity of the laptop is also admirable. You will have the USB 3.0 Port, Type C port, headphone jack, and other required ports either.

To make it the best performing laptop, they have used the 7th generation Intel Core i7- 7700HQ processor along with the Ram of 16GB to run any app smoothly. The Storage space is of 512 GB to keep your data save for the longer time.

Overall, the product can serve you more than you expect. If we take the convenience and the reliability of this laptop in an account, then this laptop would be the best fit for all of the lawyers. The hardware installed within this laptop is above average and can be with you for a longer time period. You will enjoy using this laptop, as the keyboard and the touchpad are also noticed to be the friendly one

  • Backlit keyboard
  • Advanced audio feature
  • Extensive connectivity
  • Reliable with the best performing hardware
  • The screen can be turned up to 90-degree angle.

Asus ZenBook 15

Here are another best lightweight and the most attractive laptop in our list. If you are looking for the best performing laptop along with the attractive design, then this laptop would be the Go product for you.

The attractive design does not mean that the developer has focused only on the design, they managed to make it the best in almost every aspect.

Like other recommended laptops, this laptop has also scored very well in the performance, The processor of the 8th generation Intel i7 makes it to do so. The RAM of 16 GB has been integrated within the laptop, which is enough for running every sort of required applications. Even during the multitasking, you will not feel any sort of the disturbance. Storage space of 512 GB also makes it the right fit for the Lawyers.

The battery life is mostly the concern for the lawyers, you will get the 13 hours of battery life with this laptop. No matter whether you are a professional or law student, you will be loving it. Because battery life enhances the feature of the portability.

Apart from this, the slim design and the lightweight makes it easier to carry out along other stuff. The display screen size is of 15 inches with the resolutions of 1920 x 1080. You might not be too much concerned about the resolution and the size, but these are important for your convenience.

We have not included it in our list only for the design and the lightweight, but the performance has forced us to do so. For the law students and for the intermediate or entry-level professional, this system is one of the best options. You will get every feature in this laptop with such a competitive price tag.

  • Slim design
  • Lightweight
  • 13 hours of battery life
  • Best hardware specs.
  • Sometimes run hots when loaded with a lot of things.


Dell flagship 13.3 Inch

Among the business community, this laptop has made its name. For almost every business, this laptop can be used. But it does not mean that it is only for the businesses. It also has the ability to fulfill the requirements of the lawyers.

AMD processor has been used to keep its performance at the maximum level, whose clock speed is around 3.6 GHz. With such a processor, you can’t imagine having the system with lower performance and speed.

The basic features are also of higher quality. The audio system has the ability to produce a high-quality clear sound. And the webcam with its 720p capacity can help you to contact the clients with the best and the brighter color combination.

The keyboard is the essential component for the lawyer to create the proposals, reports, and case-relevant documents. Well, this laptop can help you out in all of these tasks with a better comforting laptop. Along with the keyboard, the touchpad responsiveness is going to make you amazed.

You can easily store the larger files for the longer time period into your laptop for keeping the records of your cases. The storage space is of 512 GB that is more than enough, whether you are a professional or the law student.

The battery life of around 7 hours is above an average one. Like other laptops, it does not have to offer the best of best battery life, but it’s not the worst either.

The interesting feature of this laptop is the 360-degree hinge that makes it the most convenient laptop. You can work all day at your own convenience. Moreover, the display screen size of 13 inches provides you the best viewing angles with the resolution of the 1920 x 1080.

Dell flagship has everything that you need during the whole professional life. After having this laptop, you would not desire to replace it with another one. The portability for most of the entry-level professionals might be an issue due to the heavier body. Although, at such a price this laptop would be the right fit for everyone if you are not too much concerned about the weight.

  • Speedy system
  • 360-degree hinge
  • It remains cool due to the built-in fan
  • Responsiveness of touchpad
  • Smoothness of keyboard
  • Weight is a little bit higher


Lenovo Legion Y530-15

Lenovo legion Y530-15 is another laptop from the Lenovo that you can consider for your law profession. This compact designed laptop is easy to carry out. The weight of 5.7 lbs. makes it the best fit for the law students to carry out this laptop with their books. However, the professionals you always used to visit their client can choose this one for better portability.

The performance is not compromised due to weight. The most powerful processor core i7-8750H of the 8th generation has been installed in this laptop that is powered by the RAM of the 16GB. They go a step further to provide you the best option by providing you the 1TB hard drive.

The graphics are not too much your concern, but it must be enough power to render the decent quality images on the laptop screen. They are using the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 graphics card, which has enough capability to serve you in a better way. This Graphics card is the most compatible one with its 15.6 inches screen.  You will have the FULL HD screen of the higher quality with its supportive graphics card and the resolution of 1920 x 1080.

The Audio has been powered by the Harman/Kardon speakers so that you can have clear sound quality. Other basic features, like connectivity, also has the best performance out there.

This model of Lenovo can easily compete with other same category laptops. This laptop stands out of the market due to its convenience, portability and the higher-end graphics quality along with the best keyboard. The battery life is of 5 hours, which is not too good for many of the professionals. Although, the battery life is almost average and can be considered as an acceptable one.

  • Ergonomic laptop
  • Can deal with multi-tasking
  • Portability
  • Higher quality graphics card
  • The average Battery life of 5 hours


Microsoft Surface Go

Here’s another most affordable option, for those lawyers who are on the budget. If you are looking for the best deal for getting the premium quality laptop at the best affordable price, Microsoft surface GO is the right option for you.

Along with the affordability, it also has the feature of the portability to offer you. The weight is around 1.15 pounds that makes it possible for the lawyers to take it with them without any trouble. The weight and the battery life together makes the portability feature, and interestingly the battery timing of this laptop is also too good. It can serve you easily for the next 10 hours.

The performance of the Microsoft Surface Go might not be good for other professions. Due to the optimal hardware’s, but still can work great with the law profession. The Ram is of 8 GB and the storage space is of 128 GB, if you don’t have to do the extensive level of work on the laptop or it’s your entry-level, then you should miss out the opportunity to avail this laptop.

The resolution of 1800 x 1200 with a size of 10 inches is pretty good. The visuals will not be of higher quality but will be fairly enough acceptable.

The most unusual thing about this laptop is that you have to purchase the keyboard the mouse separately. You are not going to get it along with the device.

We recommend Microsoft Surface GO for its affordability, portability and the average performance. The laptop is most suitable for the law profession because you don’t have to run heavy applications. It performs really well for the entry-level professionals and the for the law students.

  • Lightweight
  • Greater battery life
  • Affordability
  • Does not perform well with heavy applications

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