Best Laptops For Drawing

Best Laptops For Drawing
Written by Mubashar Ali

Technology has revolutionized the graphics and designing field. Drawing graphics on devices like Laptops are becoming popular among artists. Even some laptops allow you to directly draw on the screen using digital pens.

Artists can quickly draw their vision on this high resolution and touchscreen displays to convert it into reality using sensitive digital pens.

Now, there is a penalty of laptops available in the market by a number of brands which makes it difficult to pick up the one best laptop for drawing, isn’t it?

Thankfully, we have shortlisted top 10 laptops for drawing after extensive research to help you choose the best laptop that suits your drawing requirements and budget.

Later in this article, we will explore what features to look for in a drawing laptop and how to choose the right laptop without spending too much.

Top 8 Laptops for Drawing Comparison Chart

LaptopProcessorRamHard DrivePrice
Microsoft Surface ProIntel Core i5-8250U8GB256GB Check Price
Microsoft Surface Book 2Intel Core i7-8650U16GB1TB SSD Check Price
Lenovo Yoga C930 Intel Core i7-8550U16GB DDR4 1TB SSD Check Price
Dell XPS 13 Intel Core i5-8200Y8GB LPDDR3128GB SSD Check Price
HP Spectre X360Intel Core i7-8750H8GB DDR4 256GB SSD Check Price
HP Chromebook x360 11 G1Intel Celeron N33508GB DDR464GB SSD Check Price
Samsung Notebook 9 ProIntel Core i7-8550U 16GB 256GB SSD Check Price
HP ZBook Studio X360 G5Intel Core i7-8750H8GB DDR4 256GB SSD Check Price

Without further ado, let’s get started…

Best Drawing Laptops 2019 – Reviews

These are the laptops for drawing explained with pros, cons, and features to help you make a better decision.

1.Microsoft Surface Pro

The Microsoft Surface Pro is a great laptop for drawing and best-selling unit popularly used by artists. This 2-in-1 notebook is a powerful machine that is used globally. Microsoft Surface Pro offers powerful features allowing creative professionals to turn their visions and imaginations into reality.

As it’s a 2-in-1 machine you can use it as a tablet and as a laptop at the same time. It’s also equipped with peripheral ports allowing you to connect different peripherals like mouse, keyboards and other devices to use according to your needs. Some artists tend to use keyboards with laptops to make drawing easier. The Microsoft Surface Pro also makes drawing easy with a Surface Pen that allows you to draw efficiently and quickly.

The Microsoft Surface Pro is a compact laptop that is not only powerful but highly ergonomic allowing you to draw graphics and drawings for prolonged hours without getting wrist fatigue or any other issue. The laptop can be placed in any position to work a surface pen as well. But the surface pen and other accessories are sold separately.

Moving on, the Microsoft Surface Pro comes with an Intel Core i5 processor and 8GB Ram to process complex graphics. Plus, a 256GB SSD drive to speed up the processes. These are not the highest graphics as the Microsoft Surface Pro is also available in Core i7 processor and 16GB of RAM for those looking for blazing performance. On the top, there’s a camera with a 12.3-inch PixelScene screen that is responsible for accurate color reproduction.

Overall, the Microsoft Surface Pro is an outstanding laptop for drawing that offers great performance, superior battery life, ideal display, pend quality allowing artists to perform their artwork hassle-free.
  • Convertible laptop
  • Compact designed
  • Ultra-slim body
  • Powerful processor
  • Long-lasting battery life
  • No USB and thunderbolt ports

2. Microsoft Surface Book 2

Professional artists are always looking for powerful machines to get best in class experience, and for this Microsoft Surface Book 2 is the great option. This machine can be used in four versatile modes allowing artists, students, and creative professionals to turn their vision into reality.

The Microsoft Surface Book 2 is designed with premium and lightweight materials to help users create their desired stuff. This laptop allows Studio Mode where you can use Surface Pen for drawing and painting and other Surface Dial features to make this process much more flexible and easier.

Microsoft Surface Book 2

It’s powerful enough to handle heavier graphics and provides great visuals with clarity and sharp results. Although the Surface Pen makes drawing and painting lot easier, it’s sold separately so you have to pay to get this device.

The Microsoft Surface Book 2 has 13.5-inch and 15-inch PixelSense display which is enough screen for drawing graphics.

While you are purchasing this laptop, you have two options to choose the processor: 7th Gen Intel Core i5 dual-core or 8th Gen Intel Core i5 or i7 quad-core with the physical memory of 16GB and 1TB SSD. What makes the graphics possible in this laptop is the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 GPU that allows you to use heavy software like Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

Overall, the Microsoft Surface Book 2 is a great option for professional artists, and creative designers looking for a laptop with high specification, great ergonomics and a reasonable price tag for the value it offers.
  • Superior battery life
  • Excellent productivity performance
  • Great audio
  • The display is not promising


3. Lenovo Yoga C930 Review

Lenovo Yoga C930 is another powerful machine for drawing that offers a lot of features and options making drawing easier for artists and creative professionals. The most common issue for people not getting a digital device for drawing is the lack of accuracy compared with a physical medium.

Many brands developed machines to overcome this problem and Lenovo also managed to produce a device with an innovative idea of featuring a pinpoint accuracy to make drawing better and easier with optimum accuracy to get better results.

The Lenovo Yoga C930 offers outstanding usability, portability, to help artists draw their sketches, diagrams or any other objects with ease.

Moving on the specifications, the Lenovo Yoga C930 comes with a 13.9-inch UHD IPS display and a web camera integrated for several purposes. The laptop is equipped with an 8th gen Intel Core i7 and a 16GB physical memory and an SSD of 2TB. These specifications are enough for artists or a creative professional to produce high-end drawings or graphics.

But that’s not all…

The Lenovo Yoga C930 offers amazing 4K display and comes with an Active Pen that allows you to draw physically on the screen. With the 4,096 level of sensitivity, the pen allows you to draw a great drawing with beautiful depths. Another cool advantage of this laptop is the multifaceted feature that enables the users to use the device according to their convenience. Similarly, the Lenovo Yoga C930 comes with Windows Ink making drawing and art more easier and nice.

Overall, the Lenovo Yoga C930 is a great machine for drawing that comes with the multifaceted feature, higher specifications, great usability and portability making it a great device for artists and creative professionals and making the investment worthwhile.
  • Active pen for drawing
  • Higher specs
  • Portable Cons
  • Expensive

4.Dell XPS 13 2-in-1 Inch Laptop

Have you ever tired of using the static mode laptops, obviously most of the times we can’t use such laptops for as per our convenience. But that’s not the case with the Dell XPS 13 2-in-1 laptop.

They have primarily focused on making it flexible and convenient for you. The capability of using it in multiple modes is the proof of that claim.

They have stayed true to their heritage, it’s really hard to find out the laptop with such a screen. They have an infinity-edge touchscreen display to offer you.

After experiencing such a great borderless view from the infinity-edge display, many users wonder. Integration of UltraSharp QHD+ resolution is the key element of the screen that enhances the user’s experience.

When it comes to the customization, you don’t need to worry. Because it is not something that you have to purchase with the predefined specifications. There are various variances available as per your requirements.

You can go with the Intel Core i5 or i7 processors. While the storage can be extended up to 1TB of SSD storage and the Ram can be extended up to 16GB.

Along with these specifications, the graphics ability of the laptop is an important factor to consider when choosing the best laptop for drawing.

The graphics ability of the Dell XPS 13 2-in-1 is tremendous and has the ability to deal with every sort of drawing applications for you. Because it is supported by Intel HD graphics, now obviously I don’t need to say anything else about graphics.

Whenever artists are involved in their work, they damn care what is going around. They used to be in a different world of their designs. That’s why you may forget about the charging of the laptop during work. But don’t worry, dell has covered you by providing the 15 hours of battery life.

Well! The only problem with the Dell XPS 13 2-in-1 is that the Active pen is not as good as other laptops have. But obviously, that’s not the deal-breaker. You can pick up the active pen of any other brand with better pressure sensitivity to make your drawing more admirable.

Dell has still renowned for the uniqueness. Their professionally built exterior with soft-touch and the unmatchable interior is something that you cannot find under any other brand name. The Dell XPS 13 2-in-1 is one of the products of the Dell for you that cares about your convenience with the greater design and the compatibility.

You can turn into 4 different positions due to the 60 hinge design that makes it a better option for the artists. It is recommended due to its design, flexibility, convenience, graphics and the long-lasting battery life.

  • Ultra-Sharp QHD+ resolution
  • Multiple mode Usage
  • 360-degree hinge for a flexible position
  • Long-lasting battery life
  • The relatively active pen is not better than others


5. HP Spectre X360 15-inch Convertible Laptop

HP Spectre X360 competes really well under its category with its rivals and makes its place in our top 10 List. Obviously, there is the reason behind that, you will come to know soon.

In terms of the design and the looks, we have not found any other better option than HP spectre X360. It is fantastically designed with higher quality material.

But what do you have to do with the look if, it failed to comply with all of your design needs?

Don’t worry!

Along with the design and the eye-catching look, it also has the ability to fulfill all of the artist’s requirements.

Spectre X360 also has the feature of the 360-degree hinge that makes it easy for you to turn the screen into 4 different modes. No matter at what position you are, you can work accordingly as per your convenience. The convenience of the designer is the top priority that is forcing most of the artists to go with this Convertible laptop.

When it comes to Graphics, it also scores really well. The graphics of the HP Spectre X360 is powered by NVidia GeForce GTX 1050 Ti graphics card. You are going to have great visual experience with its higher-end graphics.

The Display screen is of 15-Inch UHD that also supports the Graphics to provide the enhanced user experience to the users.

The Active pen that you will get along the laptop, makes you love the drawing process more. The smoothness of the HP Active pen makes your design more accurate and precise.

You can customize the laptop specifications too according to your own requirements. You can choose the Core i7 processor with the Ram from 8 to 16GB as per your desire. And even the storage option also have the great variances, you don’t have to worry about your design applications.

Overall, HP Spectre X360 performs really well and have the best track record of greater performance according to the users. You will start loving this laptop after drawing on it, the compatible keyboard with the 4 different screen modes and the great battery life makes it more appealing to the artists.
  • Best looking fantastically build a laptop.
  • 15 inch UHD display
  • Smooth Hp Active Pen
  • 360 Degree Hinge feature
  • Powerful graphics card
  • Specification Customization as per your requirement.
  • The display could be Brighter
  • Muddy Speaker

6. HP Chromebook x360 11 G1

No one in the world has more artistic mind than your kids. They generate a lot of ideas but have you ever felt, do they have the right equipment to sketch their mind out. The pen and the paper do not give them the real convenience that the kids need to more productive.

That’s why we have done hours of research to cover your kid too. HP Chromebook X360 11 is one of the best suitable and the affordable option for your kids.

Let’s figure out how it would be the best fit for your kids!

Like other mentioned laptops in the list, it also has the ability to provide the 4 different versatile modes for convenience. That’s not something that you should only consider while purchasing a laptop for your designer kid.

The HD display of 11.6 inches is the best suited for your kids. The device has a wide viewing angle to enhance the user experience. The device is backed by the mid-range processor, Intel Celeron N3350 Dual-Core processor. That processor is acceptable at such an age and the design requirements. The processor goes up to 2.4Ghz.

The storage is 32 GB along with the 8 GB ram. That much storage and the performance is appropriate for the kids.

Lastly, the Stylus Pen is also compatible with any sort of work. No matter, you are using it for drawing, editing, selection, it is going to perform well.

Among all of these benefits that are associated with the HP Chromebook x360 11 G1,  the most appealing one is the affordability. You don’t have to invest a lot of dollars for exposing the artist within your kids.

All of the features of the Chromebook X360 is really justify able according to the price. But the real designers need a little bit more feature. If you are just starting out the journey or wants to have this for your kids, then it would be the best fit.
  • Affordable and reasonably priced
  • Multi-touch support
  • 4 different modes of screen
  • 12 hours of battery life
  • Not suitable for the Expert Artists

7. Samsung Notebook 9 Pro

Samsung has also focused the designer community to diversify its user base. That’s the great thing for the designers to have more options in the market so that they can go with the better option all the time. Notebook 9 Pro from Samsung has all the feature that the designer and the artists usually looks for.

The smoothness and the pressure sensitivity of the Pen is the priority of every designer to make their drawings more accurate and precise. The details in the drawings make the designer admirable and high-pressure sensitive pen of the Notebook 9 Pro has the ability to do so.

The usage of the right equipment makes the designer more productive in their work and the notebook 9 pro offers a lot of features that can easily get it done.

Different offerings of the Notebook 9 pro like gesture support, institutive feature, and note creation and a lot of other features are of the real interest of the designers.

The resolution also supports the designer is getting the real output of their work. The screen has the clear and sharper output with the 1920 x 1080 resolution. It has the Core i7-8850U processor with the 16 GB Ram and the 256GB SSD Storage.

Want the artist need more?

You will be having everything within this single purchase. The last thing that I have not mentioned is your convenience. Like other laptops, it also has the 4 Different modes of position for your convenience.

Draw while sitting, resting, standing, with the wide range view as per your own convenience. Everything is going to be under your control.

The laptop with a higher level of performance, along with the great advanced features, the long-lasting battery life, and the beautifully aluminum designed outlook makes it the part of our recommended list. Artists and designers will never look for any replacement or for any other laptop after drawing on it at once only.
  • High-pressure sensitive Stylus
  • Higher resolution with the crisper output screen
  • Various modes of screen
  • Various advanced features
  • The display could be brighter


8. HP ZBook Studio X360 G5

HP Zbook Studio X360 G5 is the 15.6 Inch laptop with the relatively greater power. Most of the drawing laptops have other capabilities but failed to provide enough power to run the designer high-end applications.

That’s where the HP zbook Studio X360 comes into action. The Application problems have been solved by HP by introducing this high-end convertible laptop. That’s the perfect bet for the top-notch designer.

It includes almost every sort of the smart and the advanced feature that the designer usually looks for.

The detailed drawing and the output view are the major concern of the designers. It has done a great job with both of them. It offers the stylus with the higher pressure of 4096 that guarantees you the smoothness, accuracy, precision in your detailed Drawing work.

The crispy and the clear view of the drawing backed the artist’s work.

When it comes to the specifications, it has the unmatchable competency. You can avail the Inter core i7 with the 8 GB Ram and 256GB Hard drive. But these can be customized according to your requirements, the Ram can go up to 64GB from the 8 GB and the SSD storage can go up to 4TB from 256 GB.

With such the competency you can imagine that your productivity and the design details will be at the peak.

You will never regret after having this most powerful laptop for your drawings.

The artist always looks for perfection, and you can’t get the 110% perfection anywhere else. HP ZBook Studio X360 G5 is the Go product for all of the professional artists. Although the price is a little bit higher, the price is justify-able when we compare it to the benefits associated with the laptop.
  • Has the ability to handle all of your high-end applications
  • stylus with a higher sense of sensitive pressure
  • Advanced features
  • Crystal clear view
  • Pricey
  • Lid flexes


Best laptop for Drawing – Buying Guide

The designer community is no more ignored, now they have a bunch of the options available in the market to go with. A lot of the laptops are the positive point for the designers because to be in the market developers always tend to give the value to their users.

But meanwhile, having a lot of options also confuse the designers. To help you in avoiding this overwhelming process of choosing the best one, we have compiled the list of the best laptop for you.

But if you are new to the drawing laptops, how are you going to make the final decision even out of these recommended options?

No problem, let me explain the whole science behind choosing the best laptop for drawing.

Here I have broken down some points that you must consider while purchasing the Laptop.


The designers need to have peace in their minds, they must not be tired, and they must not be stressed if you want them to draw something unearthly. They require a great focus than any other profession.

They will sketch their mind out only if they feel convenient. That’s the factor that which every developer knows. That’s why they are developing convertible laptops.

Before picking up the laptop, have a look at what it has to offer in terms of convenience. Most of the laptops have the ability to turn the screen into 4 different positions so that you can draw no matter at what position you are.

Make sure does it has the screen mode in which I usually design. The more the modes are, the better the laptop will be in terms of convenience.

For example, Spectre X360 and HP Chromebook X360 11 and Samsung notebook 9 pro has the feature to turn the screen in 4 different positions.


The artists need perfection, and the stylus is responsible for all of this. The stylus is the pen that the designer used to draw the drawing. You need to look at the smoothness, sensitive touch and the pressure of the pen.

The higher the sensitive pressure touch is, the better the Stylus will be. The stylus can make the drawing more admirable and can even mess up with the skills of the designers.

But don’t only consider this factor as the top priority, because you can even replace the stylus with other brands.

Do check out other features, if all of the features comply with your requirements except the Stylus. Then it should not be the only deal-breaker.


Artists want to have the crystal clear view of the drawing that they have worked on. The laptops with the lesser resolution do not assist the designer to have a better understanding of their design.

Most of the time, the artist failed to figure out the area of improvement in their artwork due to the smaller resolution.

Go with the reasonable resolution, it must have enough capacity to let you know all of the dark and the positive sides of your artwork.

To have a realistic drawing, you must have a greater resolution. The better resolution makes you able to draw more detailed drawings.

Along with the Resolution, the size of the screen matters too. The larger screens usually help the designers to have better design at the end of the day. 15 – Inch is the best fit for most of the designers.

Battery Life

You will agree, whenever you start drawing your artwork, you never knew what the hell is going around you. The real designers get involved in the design world. Obviously, if you are not getting involved in your work, then you are not producing good quality drawings.

That’s why you must consider the battery life of the Laptop at the time of the purchase. Imagine your reaction when you are working and have not saved your work but the laptop battery dies.

The laptops with the longer lifetime serve better more than other laptops.


Here’s the crucial point that you must consider, even the laptop that you are just about the purchase is capable of running all of your applications.

Asses your hardware requirements by analyzing your level of expertise. Every designer does not need the same sort of laptop.

The level and expertise decide the hardware requirements of the designer. If you are new to the design world. You can even have the best laptop at a very lower price as compared to other experts of industry.

Evaluate your level of design and drawings, then choose the best combination of the Processor, Graphics card, Ram and SSD storage accordingly.

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