Dell Chromebook 3189 Review

dell chromebook 3189
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When it comes to the laptop industry, Dell is the brand everyone knows about. They have a huge customer base due to the wide range of offerings specifically for the laptop users.

Being in the market for a longer time, they have the market knowledge more than any other brand. And using this deep insight they have manufactured one of the best models that address too many customers for different use.

The laptop is at its best, although still, we are here to do Dell Chromebook 11 Review so that you can determine whether this unit is suitable for you or not.

You might not get any other laptop with these features and the components at its offering price. We would love to call it the budget choice for almost every college going student and for working professionals. Identify your needs and jump into our review to get an idea, whether you should buy it right now, or have to consider some other models.

Dell Chromebook 3189 Review

The compact and neat designed Dell Chromebook 3189 proved itself to be the best option for those, who want the laptop for those who want to get done the daily routine tasks including, writing reports, preparing documents, researching for projects, preparing a presentation and the list goes on.

But keep in mind ChromeBook 3189 is not favorable for using video editing software, or for playing the premium games. For these tasks, you need a laptop with higher specifications. You can extend the components of this model.

But, still, to get the most out of your laptop, it’s better to go for those laptops that are specifically designed for these purposes.

If you are feeling that chrome is the right fit according to your usage, let’s dive into the more detail of this model. We are so excited to introduce the laptop that provides a great ratio of the performance and the price.

Here we go,

Operating System

If you are not familiar with the Chromebook yet, here we have to mention that like other OS including Windows, Linux, and Mac. Google also has their OS known as Google’s Chrome OS.

Like all other Chromebook, this one also runs on the Googles Chromebook operating system. Don’t panic! Even for the new users, understanding the interface of this OS is not really hard. You can navigate to the desired options, as you are using it from the ages.

Most of the apps and extensions are supposed to be used with the help of the stable internet connection. Without making it completely dependent on the internet connection, some of the apps and the extensions are designed to be used while offline.

Interestingly, this model of the Chromebook also supports android applications. You can easily use the android applications while Turing it into the tablet with the help of the convertible feature. Don’t get confused yet we have to say about its convertibility feature. Cross your fingers, this interesting feature will be discussed soon in this Dell Chromebook 3189 review.

Design and Display

Dell Chromebook 3189 is the compact designed laptop that does not occupy too much space, you can easily put into your backpack with the ease.

As far as you are concerned with the design, it has to be mention here that the design does not look like the premium laptops. It has the neat and the smooth body style that looks attractive, you can’t show off in your friends due to looking but can get the work done on it.

Call it the laptop with the graceful design, this statement would not be wrong.

The screen with the display size of 11 Inches does not help you to hold a lot of information at the glance, but the color combination and the accuracy that the screen produce is admirable.

Even after having the lower resolution of 1366 x 768 the colors on the screen will be brighter to give you the best experience. The color reproduction of the screen is good enough to watch an HD movie with a better screen display.

Interestingly it is designed with the 2 in 1 feature which means you can convert the laptop into the tablet at any time for your ease. Moreover, while using the laptop as the tablet, the touch screen is too smooth and responsive that you will never be frustrated. And will keep doing your work without any distortion.


The connectivity feature has been taken into the account while converting it into the final product. You will have all the essential ports to connect your laptop with any external device for the daily basis use.

The ports that are included in the Chromebook 3189 are:

  • SD card reader
  • AC Power Jack
  • HeadPhone jack
  • Microphone jack
  • HDMI port
  • 2 USB 3.0 ports

You will not face any problem while transferring the data from this laptop to any other device.

Keyboard & TouchPad

Being the compact designed laptop, the keyboard size is also relatively smaller. The distance between the keys is appropriate but due to the smaller size, it could reduce the typing speed of most individuals. We are here talking about those, who have the above-average sized hands.

If you are having the average-sized hands, then don’t worry your fingers will be comfortable with its keyboard while typing, perhaps you will face some speed typing issues that can be overcome after drafting some of the documents.

The touchpad is more user-friendly and it gives you a great level of responsiveness. You will never be frustrated while using its touchpad. Moreover, the features of the 3 finger swiping and 2 finger scrolling will enhance your experience.


It provides you the optimal level of performance with the best combination of the component. The Celeron N3060 Processor coupled with the 4 GB RAM to help in getting the work done smoothly. The processor and the RAM have enough capacity to cope up with your multitasking requirements.

But still, you can’t put the higher level of multitasking load over this model to keep the operations going in a smooth manner.

If you have the extensive research-based project to be accomplished, then with this laptop you have to work with the patient because while opening too many tabs over the browser could cause the slow speed.

Although, while opening the reasonable number of tabs like 6 to 8 does affect the performance level.

This capacity makes it the option for the college students and for the working professionals.

Sound & Camera

The sound quality that you will experience with this model is up to the mark, anyone sitting in front at sitting at some reasonable distance can easily hear the sound-producing from this laptop.

While doing the group study and taking online lectures with friends everyone can hear the voice without any distortion. You don’t need to attach any external speakers unless you want to play the music for the whole night party at the beach.

The camera of 720p can’t be rated similar to the audio feature. You will not have the clear images with this camera and while doing the skype meeting, you will be hiding your face due to the bad quality. That’s the limitation that we have found in the Chromebook 3189.

4 Viewing Angle

Dell Chromebook 3189 allows you to use it as per your own convenience with the 4 different modes of usage.

  • Normal laptop Mode
  • Flat mode
  • Tent Mode
  • Tablet mode

These are the 4 different modes that make you do the work with ease. After spending the whole day, in the college or the office you are definitely tired but still have to prepare the presentation and documents. That’s where the Chromebook 3189 comes in to make your life easier.


  • The configuration of the laptop is not suitable for gaming and video editing purposes, you can do these work on this model easily. It will be stuck and makes you frustrated.
  • The camera output is not good enough for the online meetings and the discussion.
  • Battery life up to 10 Hours
  • Better sound quality
  • Durability
  • Better connectivity
  • 4 different viewing angles
  • Camera result is not too good.

Dell Chromebook 3189 being the most durable, compact laptop with the different viewing angles is the best choice for the students and the working professionals. You can take it along with you without any issue of the weight and battery life.

Both of these features the lightweight and the long-lasting battery life proved it to be the best companion for your use. If you are not looking for the laptop for playing higher-end games, there would be no better choice other than that for you.  Don’t get disappointed you can play the games that require lower specifications.

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