Dell XPS 15 Review

Dell XPS 15 Review
Written by Mubashar Ali

Dell XPS 15 (2019) is the model that address the many flaws that you might find in previous XPS series laptops. However, this model has better options to offer prospects. We have found it to be the best option when comparing it to the previous model. Here in this Dell XPS 15 review, we will explore all of the features, advantages, and disadvantages associated with this model to reach any final conclusion.

Dell XPS 15

It is recommended to read the whole detailed review to get to know all about this model. In the end, you will be able to make the decision whether you have to go for this model or still have to look for some other best recommendations.

Dell XPS 15 Review

There is no reason to wait more, let just dive into the review to explore all about this model.

Design & Display

The design of this model is almost similar to the previous models. Still holding this laptop in the hand, you can proudly move around. The aluminum and the carbon fiber has been used in the finishing of this model. The well-managed color blend of the laptop gives the attractive view and that’s the part most of the users love the most.

In the design, there is one change has been made in the movement of the webcam, they have moved up the webcam position. And you will feel the minor difference in the fonts of the keys that has nothing to do with the external appearance.

As far as you are concerned with the display, then there is good news for you. They have used the OLED Club for the first time in the XPS Series for the better display. You will be happy after getting the best display that provides the best combination of color accuracy and of the detailed contrast.

The touch screen feature of the display screen also at its best. The active pen is going to help you to do the work done speedier due to the 10 point touch screen capacity. Although you have to pay separately for the active pen, that’s essential for the keeping your screen clean.


You will not face any obstacle when you need to connect any external device with this laptop because it offers a wide range of the ports. All of these ports provides you the better connectivity experience.

The ports that you will be using with this model are:

  • SD card reader
  • 2 USB 3.1 Type-A port
  • Thunderbolt 3 port
  • HDMI 2.0
  • Headphone jack
  • Power jack

Keyboard & touchpad

Being the premium laptop, while typing on this model, you will not feel any restriction or the reduction in your typing speed. The auction force of around 79 grams makes the typing more comfortable ever. Even the design of the keys and the placement of the keys assist you in making the best use of its keyboard.

Instead of slowing down your speed, it will increase your typing speed. Like other premium laptops, it also offers the feature of the backlight that allows you to keep typing even in the darkroom. Now you can keep doing your work without disturbing your roommate by turning on the light.

The touchpad is sensitive enough to provide you the best experience while moving the cursor around. The responsiveness of the touchpad is going to speed up your work. Moreover, the 2 finger scroll and 3 finger swipe feature are also available.


The configuration of Dell XPS 15 makes it the powerhouse for the better performance. It encompasses of the Core i9-9980 HK processor and the 32 GB of RAM. After installing these components in the system what sort of performance you can expect from the laptop.

Obviously, you will experience the most powerful performance. No matter how many loads you are planning to put on this model it will deal with everything. Through anything on this laptop, the specs installed in his system will figure out the way to cope up with all of the things.

The Graphics card GTX 1650 work along with other components to render the best visuals on the screen. This Incorporated graphics card will bring out the detail of every image that you opened on the screen. The combination of the GTX 1650 Card with the OLED CLUB display is going to make this laptop the beats. NO matter you are planning to use it for the game or for the movies, you can’t expect anything other than the high-quality image with the greater resolution.

The storage space can be extended up to 2 TB from the minimum 64 MB option. You can alter it according to your need. However, for the general-purpose, provided space is not going to end at any time. So you can use it endlessly without giving it any second thought. For the heavier load works, it is recommended to go with the higher storage space.


Dell managed to keep it the portable option. Whether you are planning to keep it along with for the college, or work or on vacation trips, this laptop would not cause any issue.

The lightweight and the battery life of the Dell XPS 15 contribute a lot to the portability of this model. The total weight is around 4 lbs. that makes it easy to carry out without putting too much burden on your shoulders.

And the battery life makes this laptop to keep performing for around 8 hours under the normal usage.  After charging it 100% at once, the laptop will not cause any charging issues for you. The battery life also encourages you to take it outside along with you to the college or to the workspace without any hesitation.

Some other facts

  1. After taking too much input from the users and due to the heavy load of multitasking, the laptops start producing the heat that causes some issues in the laptop. But don’t worry that’s not the problem with the Dell XPS 15. The venting feature that has been installed in front of the hinge, keeps the laptop cool for the better performance.
  2. The webcam quality is the most common problem with every laptop. Even the premium laptops failed to provide a quality output when it comes to the webcam.  However, Dell XPS 15 paid attention to this factor and upgrade it for the user base. With its webcam, you will get a better quality result.
  3. The sound quality of Dell XPS 15 is also incredible. The speakers produce a clear and louder sound. You will be enjoying while playing the music on it.
  • Fancy and Stylish design
  • OLED Display
  • Produce high-quality visuals
  • Ultra-slim body
  • Comfortable keyboard
  • Responsive touchpad
  • Strong performance
  • Portability
  • Battery life could be better

You can’t name any essential stuff that is missing in this laptop, they have covered everything. And even along with the essential features, a lot of the advanced and the extra features are also included in this model for making it the beast. Dell has successfully overcome the flaws from the previous models and managed to give you the fancy workstation with the strong performance and the great display.

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