HP Vs Lenovo: A Comprehensive Comparison

hp vs lenovo
Written by Mubashar Ali

When it comes to the Laptop industry, we have very few names to count which are really working to provide the users best of best products according to their needs and budget. Although, from the last many decades only two brands are constantly securing and losing against each other the top position of being the Laptop market leader.

Yeah! You got me right, I’m talking about Lenovo and HP. Their history is different, their product manufacturing approach is different, their products usage experience is different, but still, they both are the great and the direct rival of each other because of the huge customer base.

Both companies are involved in the manufacturing of too many electronic products but keep in here we will compare, analyze and discuss their laptops to get the final winner at the end of the article.

Both companies got the title of the bestselling Laptop brand, but due to the continuous change in the technology and in the requirements of the users, it’s really hard to keep the position for the longer time. That’s exactly what had happened to both of these companies.

Until 2013 HP was known as the best-seller brand, after that the Lenovo made the entry and eliminate HP from the first position. Lenovo also failed to keep the position for more than 5 years and gave it back to HP in 2017. This position replacement will be there till the end of the earth. We have nothing to do with their position concerns, after all, we are not the Appointed CEO of these companies.

Let’s move on to the Actual topic because of our major concern about choosing any one of them.

HP vs Lenovo: Elements to compare 

Being almost equally popular and credible, for an average person, it’s really hard to distinguish between both of them. To make this technical comparison more simple for your better understanding. We have set the specific elements for which we are going to analyze these brands for getting the winner at the end.

And these elements are:

  • Design
  • Laptops Variety
  • Components
  • Price
  • Customer support

These are the main elements that will help us in defining today’s winner so that you can make the purchase blindly.

There is no reason to wait more, let’s dive into the comparison.


In the design, we are considering the body appearance of the laptop, the display screen, and the material of the body.

HP: They have been in the market before the Lenovo that helps them to know more about the market needs and requirements. Obviously, by getting the advantage from their knowledge they are manufacturing the laptops with the best design out there.

Whether you are a gamer, editor, teacher, or business professional, their designs are properly planned to cater all of your needs. Their most admirable design is of their convertible laptops. When it comes to the 2 in 1 laptop, no one can’t steal the first position from HP.

Their designs are planned to provide you the flexible, durable, and the convenient laptop.

Lenovo: Lenovo has also paid great attention to the design of their products. Along with the great performance, user-friendly designs is also the most important consideration for their laptop manufacturing.

Their designs of most of the laptops do not seem the cheap one, even at the reasonable price you will get the laptop with the fancy design but compromise on the quality material.

Their most popular design is of the think pad, they got the immensely positive response from the user base for ThinkPad series. The body is cleaned smooth and durable too.

Long story short, their design is also up to the mark and proved to be the benchmark for most of the other brand.

Laptops Variety

HP: HP has a lot to offer, no matter what’s your purpose behind purchasing the laptop. After getting into the HP Outlet, you will not leave without getting the laptop that fulfills all of your requirements.

They have manufactured Laptops for almost every kind of use. You are looking for the gaming laptop, rendering laptop, business laptop, HP have covered your needs. From their wide range of offering, the business laptops are the one which is available with a lot of different varieties.

Lenovo: Lenovo has a lot of the laptops available on their selves to offer you. They have tried to cover every user need. You will find out the laptops of Lenovo ranging from the premium functionality laptops to the affordable laptops with a variety of specs.


Although, they have tried to make every choice more economical. If you are on the budget and can’t afford the HP offerings then Lenovo is the great alternative. They got what you need.


HP: Different models come with the different combination of components, you will feel the difference in every model of the HP.

In general, the HP components are not of lower quality. They usually install the components ranging from the mid-tier to the premium components. The more you are willing to pay the better components you will get in your laptop.

For your specific need, have a look at the detailed component combination. Here we just have to say, you can’t doubt on the default components that you will get after buying any of the HP models.

Lenovo: Lenovo laptops are also not going to disturb your operations that you have to do on the laptops on a regular basis. You will get a wide range of the components in the Lenovo laptop too. The best bet is to have the laptop with the perfect match combination according to your needs.

They have laptops with the mid-level performing components and even the powerful components. The more money you put the better laptop you will get.


HP: You will get the HP laptop at the price of 200$ and even at the price of 1000$+, but do they even worth it. Yes, of course, you will get the value for the money. They are charging according to the features you are opting to have in the laptop.

But in most of the laptops, HP seemed to be overpriced (might be because of their established name) and their prices are relatively higher than other brands.

Lenovo: On the other side, Lenovo has positioned itself in the market as an economical option. You will get the laptop of every range, but their price will always be lesser than any other brand.

The cost-effective feature gives them a competitive edge in the market for capturing the market share from those who are on the tight budget.

Customer support

HP: After even holding the top position in the bestselling brand, they failed to give effective support to their users. The laptops do not cause any issue after the purchase but if unfortunately, you got the wrong piece, then be ready you are going to be frustrated by the support team.

Lenovo: Unlike HP, their support service has the track record and provides you the great the service even after the purchase. This approach helps them to retain their customers for a longer time period.  No matter, how you have contacted them, they will respond to you promptly.

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